The BOBs 2010 Awards

'El Cantor de Jazz' (The Jazz Singer) reached the semifinals for Best Podcast category at the prestigious The Best Of Blogs Awards (The BOBs). The voting period to select the winning blogs is open from March 15th until April 14th.

We are so proud to be nominated in the podcast category since this is the only podcast of strictly musical content (not to mention jazz) from among the eleven candidates.

We would like to have your support through your vote. Voting is very easy (no subscription necessary). You just have to access the voting page and select The Jazz Singer in the Best Podcast category and then check the box 'Vote for this Blog! " as shown in the next picture.

The voting process is not complete until you send the form, so turn to the bottom of the page and fill in your name and email address, then tick the box 'I have read the fine print' and click on the button 'Send'

If you entered the CAPTCHA correctly in the box you will see a confirmation message like the following. If you don't see it, go back to the end of the page and fill it again. Otherwise your vote will not be recorded.

We need all the jazz fans support to bring our favourite music to the top of these awards!!!.


Vanina Berghella ha dicho que…
Mucha Suerte en los premios The Bobs! :)

balhisay ha dicho que…
Hola Vanina, muchas gracias. Un abrazo.